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- How should I register for courses and when?

You can register in our courses by completing the electronic form which you will find in each of the courses on our website (, from the moment we make the form available on line.

- How much I miss the courses?

In the classroom you can miss at most 20% of the total number of hours of the course.

- When do I send the receipt of payment?

In how much you matriculemos we send it on an attachment to your email, or you can download you directly in:

Virtual Campus-> Secretariat-> payments if belong to the UA.

You have to bear in mind that we started to enroll at the time that we have a minimum number of inscriptions. Therefore, since you sign up until you matriculamos it may take a few weeks. In any case, you will have the receipt in your mail in advance to be able to pay for it before the start of the course.

- Is there a final course work?, what is?

It will depend on the course faculty


-Once paid receipt, I bring it to the CEM?

It is not necessary that bring us it but it is convenient that you you keep it as proof of payment.

- How and when is payment of the course?

You can pay for it:

-through Virtual Campus:  Virtual Campus - > Virtual Secretary - > Payments

-in any of the financial institutions listed on the receipt.


The receipt must be paid before the start of the course.

- When will the certificates be?

The diplomas of curricular free-elective credits will be approximately one month after the close of the record of the year. When we have diplomas we will publish on our website.

Where can I pick up diplomas?

The diplomas are collected in the offices of the EMF. First floor of the Aulario General II. Map of the Campus. To pick it up will have to show us your ID (TIU, DNI, NIE...)

Hours: mornings from Monday to Friday, from 9: 00 to 14: 00 h. and 15: 00 to 17: 00 Monday evenings

From July 1 to July 31 to the public hours will be Monday through Friday, only mornings from 9: 00 to 14: 00 hours.

This Centre will remain closed during the month of August and holiday periods of Christmas and Easter.

Can someone collect the diploma in my place?

Yes, but you will need to submit a written consent with the data of the person who collects it and one identification (original or photocopy of TIU, DNI, NIE...) who collected the diploma.

- How do I convalido the credits?

Once collected the diploma in our Center you have to take it to the Secretariat of your faculty or school for they deeding you the credits.

- What should I do to cancel the registration of courses?

Send us an e-mail ( before the start the course explaining that you want to cancel enrolment and we give you low. Don't forget to tell us the name of the course you want to ring.

-If I have asked for recognition of hours (certificate of the ICE), what should I do?

In this case, you must collect the certificate on the ICE (Germán Bernácer building.) Check their website: To do this, you have to pay some fees (tuition fees change every year, so we recommend that you look at the page of the ICE). The fees are paid by certificate issued and not by course.

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