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Artistas del recuerdo. La inauguración de la novela histórica centroamericana escrita por mujeres

(Artists in the memory. The inauguration of the Central American historical novel written by women)

The historical novel is a discourse that has been featured by reconstructing, or more specifically, by constructing social and cultural identities, revealing in turn the vision of the past (and the present) of those who write it, by discovering their perspective of History and their position as a historical subjects, inside or outside it. In this sense, the study rescues a body of works representative of the beginning of the Central American historical novel written by women, analysing them from a gender perspective. With this approach, Artistas del recuerdo (Artists in the memory) explores the meanings suggested or implied in these novels, trying to capture the social images of gender constructions and the identity proposals posed, as well as the dialogue that these writers have exchanged with the History and other cultural discourses, by observing their potential mechanisms of resistance against hegemonic conceptions.


Gabriela Quirante Amores is a graduate in Hispanic Studies and PhD in Literary Studies. Her research has focused on the rescue and analysis of the novelistic production of Central American women writers, from a theoretical-critical approach while considering the gender perspective. In 2012, she collaborated in the first joint edition of Semilla de mostaza and Mostaza by Elisa Hall, which included the results of her philological work Semilla de mostaza (1938): polémica sobre la autoría y análisis interpretativo de la obra, a controversial study over the authorship and interpretative analysis of the work. She has published some stories and a novel entitled Habitación sin ventanas (A Room without Windows).


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