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Call for papers 27 Feminismos

Call for papers Feminismo/s nº 27

Title: Communication and Gender Relations: Practices, Structures, Discourses and Consumption


In recent times, the gender perspective has been applied to the analysis of communication in all its dimensions -information, persuasion, and entertainment- in any of its public and private areas and within any of its technologies.

Academy has been mainly concerned with the stereotypical representation of female population in media speeches, especially those that are informative and persuasive. Not surprisingly in the field of gender and communication studies, there is wide agreement on how significant media representations are in order to understand the way gender(ed) identities and relations are constructed. But representations on gender (and gender relations) are not static, and they take place in social and political context which need to be understood as well. Analysis of communication structures and processes of reception with this approach has recently gained importance, while the recommendations of various international organizations encourage the use and development of indicators in this field.

Communication and gender relations become a field of analysis that arouses growing interest for multidisciplinary research institutions both nationally and internationally. This special edition of  Feminism aims to collect articles that approach the analysis of communication and gender relations and gender relations in the communication from different perspectives. Therefore, Feminism welcomes proposals for papers (in English or Spanish) on this theme, addressed from a local, national or transnational view. 

Possible topics might include: 

  • - Gender representations in media and communication,
  • -Gender-relations in creative industries and ICS,
  • - Reception of gendered representation,
  • -Employment policies;
  • -Social problems arising from gender relations and communication policies;
  • - Mediated intimacy,
  • - Gender and ICT,
  • -New media practices,
  • - Representation politics,
  • - Alternative media and feminist activism,
  • -Cinema and gender.

Empirical studies and theoretical manuscripts, uni- and multi-disciplinary will be taken into account for publication:

  1. Articles will be the result of original research and should contain a properly supported and justified methodology. Unpublished work not being assessed by other journals will be accepted.
  2. The extension of the papers should not exceed 9000 words, including notes and bibliography.
  3. The number and length of the footnotes will be reduced to the essentials and
  4. Authors should submit their articles in Word via e -mail magazine (  according to the rules specified on the website of the journal


Important dates:

Due date for call for papers: June 29, 2015
Manuscript Submission Due: up to January 11, 2016
Notification of Acceptance: up to February 15, 2016
Final Manuscript Due: up to March 7, 2016 

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