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Call for papers Feminismo/s Núm. 31

Call for papers for Feminismo/s monographic series Sex and well-being: women and diversity  /  Sexo y bienestar: mujeres y diversidad (issue 31, June 2018)

Deadline for paper submission: 28 February 2018.

Papers to be published in the journal's miscellaneous section can be sent any time. Papers can be written in English. For instructions on how to submit your manuscript, please check the "Technical information" section in the journal's website. 

About the topics to be analysed in monographic series Sex and well-being: women and diversity (Sexo y bienestar: mujeres y diversidad ) (issue 31, June 2018): 

Women's sexuality remains practically unexplored still today. This issue of Feminismo/s aims to delve into this topic in order to foster knowledge creation and dissemination from the point of view of sexuality as an indicator of women's quality of life, and a reflection of their physical, psychological, cognitive, social, affective, and emotional well-being. Sexual health entails a positive, respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relations, as well as the possibility of feeling pleasure and enjoying sex safely and without any sort of coercion, discrimination or violence. In order to achieve sexual health, the sexual rights of all individuals must be respected, protected, and cherished.

In this monographic series, we will analyse female sexuality in all its diversity from a multi-disciplinary point of view. Our goal is to contribute to the development of women's sexuality by examining the educational background, with an emphasis on assertiveness and sexual function, and by exploring transexuality and how it is experienced. In a nutshell, we wish to analyse all levels and stages of female sexuality.

Some topics that papers could potentially deal with are:

  • Psychological development of sexuality throughout a woman's lifetime
  • Development of sexuality and identity processes
  • Analysis of sexual health and well-being indicators in women
  • Educational and clinical intervention against sexual violence
  • Sexuality and functional diversity



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