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Feminismo/s 32. MAS-MES: Mujeres, Arquitectura y Sostenibilidad: Medioambiental, Económica y Social

Feminismo/s Issue 32 (December 2018)

"MAS-MES: Mujeres, Arquitectura y Sostenibilidad: Medioambiental, Económica y Social" (WAS-EES: Women, Architecture and Sustainability: Environmental, Economic and Social)

In September 2015, the UN Member States passed the 2030 Agenda, which includes a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to eradicate poverty, fight against inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change. 

UA‘s IUIEG Feminismo/s journal issue 32 proposes, from the perspective of Design, Architecture and Urban Planning to explore the relations among SDG 5, the achievement of Gender Equality, and SDG 11 on Sustainable Cities and Communities, in the conviction that women are playing an important role. However, it has not been — perhaps — sufficiently researched and made visible in the construction of a more sustainable future and in the creation of innovative, sensitive, creative, proactive and inclusive ways of understanding our relationship with economic, social and environmental issues.

As Julia Cervantes Corazzina says, from More than green: "Sustainability, along with art, technology and social networks, has served as a means for women to play an active and independent role in the proposal of new models. (...) being one of the battlefields where women express themselves most forcefully".

We share the assumptions of the Project team ‘Gender Equality in the culture of sustainability’: Values and good practices for supportive development: "Our research is based on the hypothesis that the conceptual instruments developed around the goals of gender equality and sustainability can be mutually reinforced." But our look will be from the ability of transforming the reality of the Design, Architecture and Urban Planning, with special interest in cost-effective projects and high social impact, committed to the environment and in which women’s role (as authors, promoters, builders or users) has been fundamental to the success of these projects.

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