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Lilith Collection

Ever since it was launched in 2007, the Lilith Collection has been regarded as a space for reflection and academic debate on gender, women’s and feminist theory studies. It is open both to the staff from the University Research Institute for Gender Studies and to the whole research community. It comprises scientific monographs offering analyses, thoughts and interpretations on how the relationships between women and men are built, so as to progress towards a thorough understanding of our society.

Editorial and Advisory Board

  • Editorial Board
    • Director and Coordinator:
      • Mónica Moreno Seco (University of Alicante)
      • Helena Establier Pérez (University of Alicante)
  • Advisory Board:
    • Mabel Burín (University of Buenos Aires)
    • Pilar Cuder (University of Huelva)
    • Pilar Folguera (Autonomous University of Madrid)
    • Mª Teresa Gómez (University of Alicante)
    • Mª Victoria Gordillo (Complutense University)
    • Marcos Jesús Iglesias Martínez (University of Alicante)
    • Mary Nash (University of Barcelona)
    • Maribel Peñalver Vicea (University of Alicante)
    • Carmen Riera (Universidad de Barcelona)
    • Pilar Rodríguez Pérez (University of Deusto)
    • Mª Teresa Ruiz Cantero (University of Alicante)
    • Marta Segarra (University of Barcelona)
    • Mari Carmen Simón (CSIC)
    • Justine Tally (University of La Laguna)
    • Ruth Teubal (University of Buenos Aires)


How to get published in Lilith

  • The manuscripts submitted shall be subject to external and anonymous review by at least two expert reviewers in the corresponding field of knowledge.
  • The Editorial Board shall examine the works submitted and, based on the assessment reports, shall decide the appropriate terms and conditions of publication.
  • Works will be sent by email to the IUIEG address ( in PDF format.
  • Submissions are invited at any time, throughout the academic year. A reasoned answer on the acceptance or rejection for the edition of the papers submitted shall be sent by the Board within a period between 60 and 90 days.

Terms and conditions for authors to submit their manuscripts to the Publications Board:

  1. PhD theses and final degree projects shall not be accepted unless they have been redrafted and formatted into research monographs.
  2. Particular emphasis is placed on the permanent nature of the work, so no further modifications will be authorised in the manuscript submitted, unless these are requested by the Editorial Board.
  3. Authors' name must not appear either on the cover or at the top of pages inside the work so that anonymity is guaranteed.
  4. Manuscripts shall not exceed a maximum of 300 pages, including annexes and bibliography.
  5. The text shall follow the University of Alicante Publication Service Style Guide.
  6. Authors shall also submit a questionnaire duly completed.
  7. Once the manuscript has been accepted and the relevant modifications have been introduced, a contract will be signed.


Published volumes




Andrea Luquin Calvo

Remedios Varo: El espacio y el exilio

Publication year: 2009

Digital edition. RUA


  Sold out edition

Rosario López Gregoris y Luis Unceta Gómez (eds.)

Ideas de mujer. Facetas de lo femenino en la Antigüedad.

Publication year: 2011

Digital edition. RUA

 Sold out edition

Char Prieto  (ed.)

No más sexo débil: la escritora española en el nuevo milenio

Publication year: 2006

Carmen Mañas (coord.)

Carmen Mañas y Nieves Montesinos (eds.)

Maltrato hacia las mujeres: implicaciones de la desigualdad. 

Publication year: 2005

M. Cinta Ramblado Minero  (coord.)

Construcciones culturales de la maternidad en España: la madre y la relación madre-hija en la literatura y el cine contemporáneos.

Publication year:  2006


Mónica Moreno Seco (ed.)

Manifiestos feministas. Antología de textos del movimiento feminista español (1965-1985).

Publication year: 2005

Digital edition. RUA

Sold out edition

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