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Eva Lapiedra Gutiérrez

Field of study:  Arab and Islamic Studies

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Eva Lapiedra Gutiérrez is senior lecturer of Arabic and Islamic Studies. She graduated in Semitic Philology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Doctor in Arabic Philology at the University of Alicante. Academic coordinator of the Undergraduate degree of Arabic and Islamic Studies and of Mobility of the Faculty of Arts. Coordinator of the Arabic and Islamic Studies Area of the Integrated Philology department. During the last years, her teaching has focused on Islam history and woman in Arabic and Islamic world. 

Lines of research

Her lines of research are mainly:

  • Classic Arab Islamic terminology and ideology
  • Islam-Christian relations, translation
  • Transmission of historic-literary themes of Arab-Islamic culture to Hispanic kingdoms and Muslim Woman

She has dedicated various research Works to the analysis of terminology in the historiographic discourse and its translation, as well as to the transmission of historic-literary themes of Arab-Islamic culture in Hispanic kingdoms. During the last years, she has been interested in feminisms in the Arabic world. Currently she is working on questions referring to privacy and intimacy in Islam.


She wrote various articles and monographs of her specialty, among which we can find the book How Muslim people called Hispanic Christians, published in Alicante in 1997; the book Written Down Arabic Literature (1967-1998) Translation notebook (co-author, with L. Gómez García)Alicante, 1999; “The Classical Arab-Islamic Historiography and its translations” and “The translation of Arabic Law. Approaches and proposals”, both published in the book Translating from Arabic, Barcelona, 2004, coordinated by M. de Epalza Ferrer; "´Uluy, rum, muzaraves and mozarabs: founded images of Al-Andalus Christians”, Collectanea Cristiana Orientalia (CCO), nº 3, Córdoba, 2006, "Christian participation in Almohad armies and personal guards",  published in Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies, vol. 2, 2010, pp. 235-250. “Piracy and captivity from the Islamic environment. Ideology and diplomacy”, eHumanista/IVITRA, 4, 2013, 222-236; “Intimacy and privacy in the Arab-Islamic environment” in La privacidad...; “The Legend of Teodomiro and his textual transmission along History”, eHumanista/IVITRA, 5, 2014, 349-369. She has coordinated the issue 26 of the review Feminismo/s entitled Feminisms in Arab societies, Alicante, 2015.

She organized meetings and seminars on Islamic Feminism and the relations between Algeria and Spain. She participated in various international congresses and seminars such as the International Congress “Appropriating and re-appropriating the past: history and historiography in Islamic and Judaic traditions" organised by the Institute for Islamic-Judaic studies in the University of Denver (EEUU) and the  "International Workshop: Inter-faith relations in Islam: religious minorities under the Almohads", organised by the Department of Middle Eastern Studies (University of Cambridge)  that was celebrated in the Newnham College of the University of Cambridge (Great Britain). She coordinated, together with Nieves Paradela, Professor of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, the Round Table on “Feminisms in Arabic Societies” in which the feminists Nawal as-Saadawi and Wassyla Tamzali participated, and that took place at the Casa Árabe of Madrid on May the 3rd 2016, and organised by Casa Árabe and the Fundación Tres Culturas.

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