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Mª Belén Alvarado Ortega

Field of study: Spanish Language

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M. Belén Alvarado Ortega is Senior Lecturer in Spanish Language at the University of Alicante. She has worked as a Visiting lecturer at the University of Rutgers (EEUU), Cork (Ireland), Roethampton (United-Kingdom), Paris 3 (France), Lisbon (Portugal), Viterbo (Italy) and Brussels (Belgium). María Belén Alvarado Ortega is member of the GRIALE group and she is principal researcher of the emerging group: “Language and Sex, the use of Humor in Men and Women” of the UA.

Lines of research

  • Pragmatics
  • Irony and Humour studies from a gender perspective
  • Colloquial Discourse Analysis from a gender perspective
  • Phraseology


She has various publications among which we can find L.Ruiz/X.Padilla (eds.) (2009): Dime cómo ironizas y te diré quién eres: una aproximación pragmática a la ironía. Frankfurt, Peter Lang, work that aims at becoming a manual on irony in Spanish. She has also published the monograph Las fórmulas rutinarias del español: Teoría y aplicaciones (2010), in Peter Lang, and together with Leonor Ruiz Gurillo (eds.) (2013): Irony and Humor: From Pragmatics to Discourse. Amsterdam, John Benjamins, and she has collaborated in the issue 24 of the Revista Feminismo/s with “Humor y género: análisis de conversaciones entre mujeres”.

Alvarado Ortega, M.B. (2016): “Descortesía y humor fallido en conversaciones entre hombres y mujeres”, Pragmática Sociocultural, SOPRAG, 4.2, De Gruyter, pp. 243–267.

Alvarado Ortega, M.B. (2016): “Variability, adaptability and negotiability in conversational humor: A question of gender”. En Ruiz Gurillo (ed.): Metapragmatics of Humor: Current Research Trends, IVITRA Research in Linguistics and Literature, John Benjamins, pp. 192-214

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