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María Cristina Cardona Moltó

Field of study: Research methods, diagnosis in teaching

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 María Cristina Cardona Moltó



Professor of Differentiating Pedagogy at the University of Alicante Faculty of Education. She teaches in the Masters “Educational Research” and “Teacher Training”. She coordinated the doctoral programme “Diversity Attention in Educational Areas”, in the context of which she supervised more than 40 DEAs, various TFM and more than 10 PhD thesis of which some got a European mention and Doctorate Special Award. She has been president of AIDIPE (2011-2013) and of the Scientific Committee. She has also been coordinator of various international congresses (IASE 2009 and AIDIPE 2013). She travelled abroad several times as a Visiting lecturer (e.g. UCLA, CA; Texas A&M, TX; University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. MN [Institute on Community Integration], and University of Cambridge, United-Kingdom). Currently she leads a PhD thesis on sensitive recovery and the self-concept improvement of mistreated women through dance..

Lines of research

  • Attention to diversity with gender perspective
  • Inclusive education, equity and gender
  • Teacher training and diversity


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Books/Book chapters
  • Sanhueza- Henríquez, Cardona-Moltó, M. C., & Baca-Tavira, N. (2017). Intercultural communication and the feminization of migrations in Latin America: The case of Chile. En B. Griffin (Ed.), Intercultural communication: Strategies, challenges and research (en prensa). NOVA Science Publishers. ISBN: 978-1-53611-823-0.
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  • Cardona, M. C. y Martínez Ruiz, M. A. (2008). Análisis de los roles de género en la sociedad postmoderna: la participación de la mujer en el ámbito de la educación universitaria. En C. Jiménez-Fernández y Pérez-Serrano, G. (Coords.), Educación y género: el conocimiento invisible (pp. 125-161). Valencia: Tirant lo Blanc.
  • Cardona, M. C. (2006). Diversidad y educación inclusiva: enfoques metodológicos y estrategias para una enseñanza colaborativa. Madrid: Pearson-Prentice Hall.

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