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María Isabel Balteiro Fernández

Field of study:  English Philology

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María Isabel Balteiro Fernández


Isabel Balteiro is Senior Lecturer of the English Philology department at the University of Alicante. As a researcher, it is important to underline her interest for the English Lexicology field, in which she has published a lot of internationally honoured works: two books each received prizes in 2007 and 2008, more than ten articles about vocabulary and its construction where included in WOS and JCR, as well as a lot of other book chapters among which we can find chapters on research and innovation in university teaching on vocabulary process questions in general and in relation with gender questions

Lines of research

  • Mechanisms of word formation of general and specific languages in English and Spanish
  • Teaching of English vocabulary as a second language
  • Vocabulary and gender
  • Terminological resources (dictionaries, glossaries, etc.) and corpus of specific languages
  • Interrelation between vocabulary choice and professional genres in specific languages


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  • Balteiro, Isabel and Miguel Ángel Campos. 2010. “A Comparative Study of Latinisms in Court Opinions in the United States and Spain”. International Journal of Speech, Language and the Law 17/1: 95-118.
Book chapters:
  • Balteiro, I. 2016. (en prensa): "A look at metalinguistic jokes based on intentional morphological reanalysis". In Ruiz-Gurillo, L. (2016): Metapragmatics of humor: Current Research Trends. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, Series IVITRA Research in Linguistics and Literature.
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  • Balteiro, I.; Calvo, J.R.; 2014. "General Remarks on the Challenges of Integrating Scientific and Technical Words in General Dictionaries", pp. 103-121 in Calvo, J.R.& Campos, M.A. eds. Investigating Lexis: Vocabulary Teaching, Lexicography and Lexical Innovation. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
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  • Campos Pardillos, M.A. and Balteiro Fernández, I. 2009.  “Building bridges… and properties aplenty: cultural problems in Spanish real estate marketing for prospective British buyers”. In: Guillén-Nieto, V., C. Marimón-Llorca and C. Vargas-Sierra. Eds. Intercultural Business Communication and Simulation and Gaming Methodology. Bern: Peter Lang. Pp. 155-174.

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