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Remedios Perni Llorente


Field of study:  English Philology 

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Remedios Perni is PhD assistant lecturer at the University of Alicante. She doctored in English Philology, with Special Doctorate Award, and she graduated in English Philology as well as in Art History at the University of Murcia. Her research reveals the existing links between William Shakespeare’s work and contemporary visual culture, with special attention to the role the character of Ophelia played in the representation of melancholy through history. Perni is also translator of art books and review theory. . 

Lines of research

  • Shakespeare in contemporary visual culture 
  • Angelica Liddell
  • Temporalities of image

Most recent publications

Books chapters
  • Perni, Remedios. “At the Margins: Ophelia in Modern and Contemporary Photography”, en The Afterlife of Ophelia, editado por Kaara Peterson y Deanne Williams. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. ISBN: 978-0-230- 11690-0
  • Perni, Remedios, “(Post) Modern Visual Hamlet: A Fellow of Inifinite Jest”, en Relational Forms: Word and Imagen, editado por Rui Carvalho. Amsterdam y New York: Rodopi, 2012. ISBN: 978-90-420-3581-2
Indexed in SJR
  • Perni, Remedios. "Richard's Body: Exhumation and Corruption in the Europe of Discontent", Cahiers Elisabethains, Special Number: (2018). EN PRENSA. 
  • Perni, Remedios. "The Globe to Globe Hamlet Tour: A Celebratory Performance in Elsinore." SEDERI Yearbook (2017) 27. EN PRENSA. 
  • Perni, Remedios. "Ana and Mia: Ophelia on the Web." Shakespeare Quarterly, Vol. 68 (2017).
  • Perni, Remedios. "Recreating Shakespeare: Angelica Liddell's You're my destiny (L'stupro di Lucrezia)." SEDERI Yearbook 26 (2016). 
Indexed in Latindex and MLA 
  • Perni, Remedios. "El año de Ricardo and the Degeneration of Europe." The Grove: Working Papers on English Studies 22 (2015): 135-147.
  • Perni, Remedios. "Reviviendo a Shakespeare: restos y montajes." Odisea: Journal of English Studies 16 (2015): 143-158.
  • Perni, Remedios. "Despedazar la melancolía, Ofelia en la obra de Angélica Liddell". Arte y Políticas de Identidad 6 (2012): 215-230.


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